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Additional Services

In addition to the main service of building a nail salon, we also have some additional services.

A Few Words About Us

We’re proud of the building of nail salon , service, professional quality, one of which is nail salon construction alsways high rank. With the team ready to serve every state of US. We always take the customers as the focus, always take care of customer as well as the requirements and satisfactions of our custormers is our pleasure.

  • We have Licenses & Certifications.

  • Over 15 years of experiences in the building of nail salon.

  • Good price.

  • Ensuring the completion of construction salon in accordance with the time signed in the contract.

Explore Feature Projects

Please take a look at some of our outstanding projects that have been completed and handed over to nail salon owners. They are very satisfied and happy to work with our company.

Working Process

For you to understand how our company works, we will share the process when you work with us.

Get an appointment & Consulting

To help you understand what building a nail salon needs, we need to make an appointment with you to advise and answer all your questions, to help you best understand.

Free quote

We will advise and quote for the construction of a nail salon that is suitable for the amount you want or according to the requirements of the nail salon model you want.

Contract & Deposit

To ensure that your nail salon is built according to the requirements and there is a responsibility between you and the company, we need to sign a contract to confirm and have legal rights if there is a problem.


After signing the contract, we will receive a percentage of the signed contract. Because we will have to pay for the materials and workers’ effort.

Send 3D designs & Edit

First, we will send you a 3D design to give you an overview of your nail salon to be built.

Edit 3D designs

We will revise the 3D design to suit your requirements.

Build and Complete

Second, we will begin the construction and installation, setting up the interior of your nail salon.


Third, you will check your nail salon and there is nothing left to edit, we will hand it all over to you for management.

Trusted Partners

In the process of building you a beautiful nail salon, we have been helped by our partners.


We will regularly update useful articles related to nail salon construction, giving you more information before you want to build a nail salon.

Build một tiệm nail cần bao nhiêu tiền? Điều kiện mở một tiệm Nail ở bên Mỹ

November 29th, 2020|

Build tiệm nail là một trong những đích đến cuối cùng của đa số những thợ nail. Đã có rất nhiều người mở tiệm nail nhưng lại không biết cách kinh doanh, thiếu những thông

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