Do You Have A Nail Salon Construction Project We Can Help With?

We are Nail Studio Builder LLC, specializing in building nail salons across the US state.

The main service of our company is building nail salons, spa salons.

And our company also provides a number of additional services that every nail salon needs. It is about nail supply, pedicure spa chair, making a suction air exhaust and we have cooperation with IT for nail salon on Digital marketing

Because they understand the need for a newly opened nail salon and do not know where to find and buy reputable and cheap items and tools.

Accompanied by customers, the newly opened salon certainly wants to have many customers to have fun at the beginning of successful openings. So we provide more digital marketing services, help your nail salon to declare new customers from Facebook, Google, Website.

Nail Studio Builder LLC , in addition to providing nail salon construction services, also provides you with nail supply, pedicure spa chair, digital marketing services.

Thank you for your interest in our services.

We supply all the nail salon equipments such as nail polishs, powders,manicure tools….That all are the latest and the best,the price is right at the market rate.
In addition, we also advise, provide chairs for nail salon, so you know and do not take time to choose the type of nail chair.
Cleaning the air in the salon, removing the toxic,substancing in the air pollution of nail salon. The machine will capture, kill the bacteria and create clean air to breathe
We will help you build your nail salon on the internet. Your salon will be displayed on Facebook and Google and some other social networking sites, which will help your customers easily find your nail salon.

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